Farewell Melissa

Our dear Hand of Sanctuary Melissa is moving on to launch her fulltime health coaching practice. We will miss her something fierce, AND we know she has amazing work to do in this world and lots of people to help. Check out her website to learn more about her AWESOME services. At the same time we say farewell to Melissa we say Hello to the lovely Renee Coolbrith singer/songwriter extraordinaire and the new force that keeps Sanctuary running smoothly!

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Guest Artists 2015!

We are thrilled and delighted to announce that Aaron Burns and  Jeff Clark are now permanent full time tattooers here at Sanctuaty!

Marco Gosselin joined us 9/1-9/5 and stay tuned for visits later in the season.  Also it was wonderful to host Nomad Tattooer Charon Henning. Sadly her autumn schedule will not allow another visit to Sanctuary this year but we are already discussing plans for next year with this talented traveling artist!

Solidifying plans with additional visiting tattooers is currently in the works for more dates this summer and fall, so please check back here often and LIKE our Sanctuary Facebook Page for regular updates.

The Hand of Sanctuary Shall Be Away

PLEASE NOTE: Our shop Manager Melissa (aka The Hand of Sanctuary) will be out of the shop Tuesday April 28th through Saturday May 1st. Why are we telling you this? Because we want to make sure all your questions are answered and you have the best possible experience here at Sanctuary. Our tattoo artists tend to stay head down and very focused on their client(s) of the day, so if you call…the phone may not get answered when Melissa is not here. If you know which artist you’d like to work with, feel free to email them directly…as you will be more successful getting in contact with them that way while Melissa is away. If nothing is urgent, please give the shop a call Tuesday May 5th when Melissa is back. Private messaging the individual artist you want to reach via FaceBook is another way to communicate with us during this time. We sincerely appreciate your patience.

Welcome to Sanctuary

GuessWhereGoldWelcome to Sanctuary! We are a team of custom tattooers supported by our Manager Melissa who is affectionately known as -The Hand of Sanctuary- (yes there are some major GOT fans around these parts). Bringing more than 60 years of collective experience to the art of Tattooing, we combine our skills and creative vision to create a satisfying experience from start to finish. Please give us a call 207-828-8866 to discuss your tattoo ideas.

Where’d they Go? SOPO!

After many years of making lovely tattoos here at Sanctuary, Dani the Pirate and Ladiebird have left the nest. Best Wishes and Farewell to Danielle and Carrie as they embark on this next adventure. They can now be found together in their new shop Black Hen Tattoo in South Portland, Maine.

Dani the Pirate getting ready to start tattooing the the Spring of 2006

Dani the Pirate getting ready to start tattooing in the Spring of 2006

Carrie tattooing

Carrie performing her very first Tattoo in April of 2011


We’re on TV!

Ryan and Melissa were featured on this Channel 13 NEWS segments about Tattoo Removal. Moral of the story: THINK before you INK. But, if you didn’t and need to fix a mistake from your glorious mis-spent youth, consider one of us here at Sanctuary for a great coverup instead of undergoing the unpredictable, painful and costly process of laser removal.