Charon Henning

Charon started her tattooing career over two decades ago with her apprenticeship in 1993 in Allentown, PA, then as an artist in the Washington DC Metro Area and parts of Florida, gaining experience in a variety of tattooing styles and shop environments. Tattooing’s shamanic history was always of interest to Charon and she has had the opportunity to work for a variety of events and organizations such as the Ritual Arts Collective and Spiritfire Festival as a ritual tattoo artist. Her consistency artistically and in temperament have earned her a loyal client base as diverse as her tattooing style. She currently travels full time, spending the main portion of her spring through autumn season working for two shops, Cirque du Rouge in Washington, DC and Good Mojo Tattoos in Beverly, MA. She is licensed in two states and certified in First Aid, CPR and BBP protocols.