Scott Bruns

While we believe that Scott’s work can easily speak for itself, it is worth noting that he brings 20 years of tattooing experience to his craft. On top of this Scott approaches each clients as an attentive and meticulous professional no matter how large or small a project is. With his distinctive artistic style Scott finds that this medium is most conducive to flowing natural forms when placed on a client’s three dimensional “canvas”. Scott believes that tattoos should move with the body and look interesting from every angle. He feels a tattoo should look like something that might occur organically fitting the area of the body the wearer chooses. Partial to forms in nature, Scott finds that animals and foliage work especially well for his dynamic tattoos. He often simulates movement by using elemental backgrounds such as wind and water and also likes to include abstract forms when it helps with the overall flow of the piece. Scott also really enjoys working with mechanical images,  vehicles and other machinery that compliment the lines of the body. For more info check out Scott’s Website, his Gallery of Tattoos here on our Sanctuary Site or his photo album on our Facebook Fanpage Tattoos by Scott Bruns
In 1995 Scott Bruns began serving an apprenticeship under Keith Miller and Travis Franklin of Eternal Images Tattoo in Louisville, KY. During this time Scott not only learned the technical and sterile aspects of tattooing but also the art of oil painting. He realized the importance of working in other mediums to deepen his skills as a tattooer. Soon Scott moved to New York City where he spent 10 years in Manhattan, tattooing mostly at Dare Devil Tattoo on the Lower East Side. In this amazing environment Scott was exposed to many creative influences which contributed to his progress as a tattooer and his development as a fine artist.
In 2006 Scott moved to Cape Cod Massachusetts and spent the following 6 years tattooing and painting in Provincetown where he found inspiration from many great local artists. He tattooed at Mooncusser, then at Coastline Tattoo with Kris Smith until his departure in August of 2012 to join our crew at Sanctuary Tattoo here in his beloved State of Maine.