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Sanctuary Shirts

L-R Sanctuary Tank, Mehendi Tank, Bird and Dagger, Marilyn “Guess Where”, Catrina Tank

Tshirts and tanks are available at Sanctuary or can be mailed for an additional $6 S&H (overseas TBD based on location). To place an order via phone: Call us and Melissa can process yourorder over the phone! 207.828.8866

To order online: Jen’s Designs can be ordered Here (via paypal). Blood & Whiskey and Ryan’s Designs can be ordered via email: inked(@)ryanflemingtattoos.com (remove the parenthesis from the @) please be sure to include: size, address, and phone number so we can call you to process your payment.

Organic Catrina & Marilyn Shirts by Jen

Organic Catrina & Marilyn Shirts by Jen

  • Men’s Black Sanctuary T-Shirt $20
  • Women’s Black Sanctuary Tank $20
  • Ryan’s Mehendi Black T-Shirt $20
  • Ryan’s Men’s Black Bird & Dagger Shirts $20
  • Ryan’s Women’s Grey Black Bird & Dagger Tank $20
  • Jen’s Women’s Lavender Catrina Tank $15
  • Jen’s Women’s Black Catrina Tank $15
  • Jen’s Women’s ORGANIC Cotton Violet Long Sleeve Catrina T-Shirt $30
  • Jen’s Women’s ORGANIC Cotton Short Sleeve Marilyn “Guess Where” Grey T-Shirt $25
  • Blood and Whiskey T-shirts $30

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Blood and Whiskey T-Shirts

Sanctuary Shirts for Sale

Organic Long Sleeve Catrina T-shirt, Men’s Black Sanctuary Shirt

Sanctuary T-Shirts for Sale

L-R Jen’s Lavender Catrina Tank, Ryan’s Black Mehendi T-shirt & Ryan’s Grey Bird & Dagger Tank