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August 3rd, 2018 First Friday Art Walk 5-8pm

Featured Artist – Jo Goiran

Jo Goiran is an artist living and working in Portland. She has a studio at Running with Scissors, an artist community, on Anderson Street. She was born in Tehran, Iran to American parents. She has lived in various places around the world.For 20 years she taught Special Education students with mild to moderate disabilities.  Her art reflects her love of color, form and movement. She loves language and words. Often her art tells a story.

Her current work was inspired by postage stamp birds her father did when she was a young girl. He rarely did art, but she has vivid memories of him bending over the table,  using tweezers to  carefully place the tiny pieces of stamps together to make magical tiny birds. He died in 1999. Jo has taken this inspiration and created her own series of birds. She has pushed the boundaries of typical “bird art” by  bridging the gap between observation and whimsy. She has added language to enhance each image — sometimes one or two words; sometimes a poem. She is dedicating this series  that  she is calling ” Birds of my father” to her father’s memory.

Adam Paterson – Guest Artist   Tuesday August 14th, 2018

We’re excited to have Adam Paterson back in our shop to help with our busy summer season! Adam is the owner and operator of Jersey City Tattoo Co., Adam applied his first tattoo in 1995 in a Lower East Side apartment in New York City while attending art school; tattooing was still illegal in New York City at the time.  In 2001 he began tattooing professionally, with the assistance of Deirdre Aikin, after finishing an apprenticeship with Lesley Allen.  Adam enjoys all styles of tattooing but his focus lies strongly on Japanese and Traditional American styles.

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DJ Price- Guest Artist   Thursday August 16 – Saturday August 18th, 2018

We’re excited to have DJ Price back in our shop to help with our busy summer season! DJ is the owner and operator of Blind Faith Tattoo in Bangor Maine. DJ and has been licensed and operating as a Maine practitioner since 2000 and created Blind Faith Tattoo in 2005. Along with this wealth of experience he also works in many other mediums including oil and acrylic painting as well as sculpture and music. DJ focuses his practice on assisting clients in acquiring body art that grabs the attention of the viewer, and acts as a magnifier of the energy of the person whom wears it. He personally views each interaction with a client as a collaborative effort to reach perfect artistic synergy; resulting in art that truly moves and inspires.

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